All photographers have at one point or another had to shoot under pressure.

It’s part of the job, which we try and prepare for as much as possible but it always seems to creep in. I had a situation where I had chosen to should my couple location shoots on top of a hill overlooking Hartbeespoort Dam, 10 mins away from the ceremony. As so often happens on the Highveld in January one could hear the thunder rolling in and I knew time was going to be a factor. After the ceremony, and portraits, which for me felt like a lifetime, I pack the couple into the car and sped away to the location. A massive storm was with in minutes and I had to move fast. I posed the couple, got my gear out, throw a flash to my assistant and fired off five shots before a golf ball sized hail hit the bride. That was it, I rush the couple into the car packed my gear and drove out of there as fast as I could. The rain really came down now and I knew my location shots where over. The bride and groom were in seventh heaven and to their credit did not show any stress what so ever. The mother of the bride came up to me and in a serious tone why I risked taking her daughter into danger area. I then showed her the image and all was forgiven.

I must add that a lot of rain and hail was edited out, but one can see her dress is very wet. They just stood there and smiled, in love and soaking up the moment (pardon the pun). The photograph is one of my favorites, not just because of the image but the story behind it.

Camera – Nikon D4    ISO 200  Shutter speed – 60th /sec  Aperture F 8

Lens- Nikon 24-70 f2.8

Flash- Nikon SB 900

Triggers- Pocket Wizard